DEJAH LEGAL has been created by Helen Austin-Smith to provide professional and reliable will writing services to clients in the Essex and Suffolk regions.

Helen studied law at Essex University and the College of Law in London before qualifying as a Solicitor. She is a member of the Law Society and Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW).

As part of IPW Helen complies with a code of practice approved by Trading Standards to ensure the highest standards of customer service.


Introductory Rates are available until 31 March 2018:

  • £50 for a Single Will (a will for one person, married or unmarried)
  • £75 for Mirror Wills (used by married or unmarried couples where the wishes of each person are virtually identical. 2 separate but almost identical wills are produced)
  • Included with the introductory rate is a free will writing review service for 3 years from the date the will is executed. This free review will not be available for any wills requested after 1 April 2018
  • £100 for a Single Will Review Service (this involves reviewing your existing will to ensure it is fit for purpose/meets your needs and is valid. Includes complete re-drafting if necessary)
  • £125 for a Mirror Will Review Service (as above but where there are mirror wills to be reviewed)
From 1 April 2018 prices will be as follows:
  • £105 for a Single Will
  • £125 for Mirror Wills
  • £150 for a Single Will Review Service
  • £175 for a Mirror Will Review Service
  • £50 to review a Single Will created by DEJAH LEGAL
  • £75 to review a Mirror Will created by DEJAH LEGAL

Please call us on 07583 501 464 to arrange an appointment

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